Baju Surf Co is a company founded by two local surfers and friends from the south coast of England. Who with years of surf experience and travel wanted to create high quality products that work and can be enjoyed by all.

We passionately believe in the benefits the water can have on us as individuals or as families.

This passion for the water has seen us move all around the world exploring an environment with so many diversities.

Whether enjoying reef breaks surrounded by tropical waters in Indonesia to the cold stormy weather fronts of the UK, we have come a custom to adapting for whatever the environment brings.

We put this experience into our products and the purpose they will be used for.

At Baju Surf Co we are a family and friends’ business, you will often see us in the water, on a beach, up a mountain or huddling in a tent. We focus a lot of our products on this as there is no better stoke than enjoying the outdoors all together.

We are passionate about what we do, and our products have got to reflect this by withstanding what we would put it through as surfers, you will find this with the technical ranges we offer. Baju Surf Co can guide you on product choices, offer advice, care and maintenance or just a friendly chat to answer any questions you have relating to what we offer.

It makes us happy to see people happy, we look forward to seeing you in the water.

Dan and Terry Co-Founders Baju Surf Co