What paddleboard is best suited for me?

  • Selecting the right board for you can be made easy by viewing our product description which includes all the relevant info for rider size, weight and ability, if you still need some help deciding, drop us a line at INFO@BAJUSURF.COM where we are more than happy to talk products and anything you need to know.

What Warranty does my paddleboard come with?

  • Your board will be serialised by number and comes with a 2 year Warranty, you can find all your information and how to register under our warranty section of the website or contact us.

How can I pack away my paddleboard?

  • By changing over your selector valve on your pump, while using the pump in the same way you would inflate your board, it will draw air out of your board effectively vacuuming it flat. You then re- insert your dust cap which will help to hold the vacuum keeping your board flat, we then recommend you roll your board from the nose (front end) trying to keep the rolls fairly loose all the way to the tail of the board (back). Once you have your rolled board you can hold it in position with the clip strap provided. Then simply slide into your BAJU rucksack.
    In theory this all sounds good but if you have any problems in this area feel free to contact us help via our contact page.

How Do I connect my pump to my paddleboard?

  • First step, remove the dust cap from your value. Before you do anything – when your board is completely deflated and before attaching the hose to the board, ensure that the centre pin in the valve is in the upmost position by pushing it in and turning to the right. You will make this mistake at least once, maybe more and this can be super frustrating if you’ve not pushed the pin out before you start pumping as you board will deflate once you remove the hose. When connecting the pump hose, push the pump adaptor into the valve and twist to the right with some force. You will find it quite stiff to start with, but this will get easier over time.

What’s double layer construction?

  • Double layer construction on a Baju paddle board is two layers of PVC used in the build up of the board. The First layer of PVC being fused to the cross-stitch material (part of the board core). The second layer of PVC is a laminated type which completely seals all the other layers in the board, this layer has UV protection. This construction along with our 3rd layer rail band gives the board excellent rigidity. Unlike many cheaper alternatives on the market using single layer (cheaper) construction techniques. Which will not have the durability and firmness that you will require when riding your paddleboard. If you have other questions on how we construct our boards, feel free to contact us at INFO@BAJUSURF.COM.

Is a BAJU Paddleboard suitable for learning?

  • We designed our boards to be used by all abilities, with there super stable platforms they are great boards to learn on. We supply sup schools up and down the UK who trust in our boards for teaching their students.

What pressure should I inflate my paddleboard to?

  • We have a recommended maximum pressure of 15psi on all our boards, a range between 11psi and 15psi will suit most people, with heavier riders better suited going for the maximum 15psi. Do not worry too much as the maximum pressure is how we want you to ride your board, we have our boards inflated to 4 times this in testing.

How do I look after my paddleboard?

  • We built our boards to be extra durable, so they require just a little attention to keep them in top condition. We recommend a freshwater rinse after each use and store out of direct sunlight to keep your board in the best condition. Following these simple steps will give you the best life out of your board.

Can I leave my paddleboard inflated for a long time?

  • Yes you sure can as long as you like, but over time the pressure inside the board will slowly decrease, so we recommend giving it a quick top up to the desired pressure before next using If stored for longer periods inflated.